“He can’t deal with it” – Aubameyang finally ‘digs’ at Mikel Arteta in historic video

Pierre-Emerick Following Mikel Arteta’s transfer to Barcelona, Aubameyang took a shot at him, stating he “can’t handle with strong characters.”

The striker, who currently represents Chelsea, was a member of Arteta’s team at the Emirates Stadium 12 months prior to being escorted out the exit door during a high-profile altercation.

It seems that Aubameyang didn’t think highly of Arteta, as stated in a video posted by A Jewellers that was apparently recorded during his time at Barcelona, despite the fact that he was a popular figure among supporters for much of his time with Arsenal.

However, discussing Arteta in a video where Aubameyang was seen trying on items of jewellery in a Paris hotel, he said: “To manage big characters and big players, he can’t deal with it.”

He was then asked if Arteta had good people skills, to which the striker responded: “He needs some young players who don’t say anything, they just listen.”

Aubameyang also spoke about his love for life in Spain and how it changed his life, although he would eventually return to the Premier League Chelsea in the summer transfer window.

“I’m more than happy, Spain changed my life,” he said.

“The rest of the team at Barcelona are very cool, there is a lot of young players as well, but they listen.

“I remember, they first called my father [his agent] and then the manager of Barcelona, Xavi, called me.

“He said: ‘I didn’t know there was an opportunity because you had those problems with Arsenal, if you come you will help us a lot’.”

And the striker said his performances in Spain were fuelled by the desire to prove his old employers wrong.

He explained: “We played against Real Madrid at the end of February, we killed them. We destroyed them.

“We won 4-0 in Madrid, we played tiki-taka, amazing stuff, it was an amazing game. I scored two, and assisted one.”

When suggested Arsenal ‘must be so p*****’ by his form since leaving, Aubameyang then replied: “For sure. I wanted to show them because before it was like, ‘this guy is only for the money’.

“So I was like, ‘OK, let me go everywhere else and I will show you, even with less money, no problem, I will show you.”

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