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Graham Potter reveals the truth behind the 4-2-3-1 formation he played against Salzburg

While it looked like a 4-2-3-1 formation on paper it wasn’t really the formation Graham Potter played.

Graham Potter is actually a brilliant manager and must be commended for the tactical approach had towards the game even though Chelsea eventually drew this match showed that Graham Potter would try run out to be a managerial gem for Chelsea.


It reality Chelsea did not play 4-2-3-1 against Salzburg it was actually a 3-5-2 formation where Recce James and Raheem Sterling both played as wing backs with Cucurella, Azpiculeta and Silva playing as defenders in this match with Havertz playing as the 10.

According to Graham Potter the reason he played Reece James and Raheem Sterling as wingbacks was to get dangerous width on the pitch which he achieved.


“It was a back three as far as I was concerned with Reece and Raheem giving us the width. Salzburg are very strong in the middle with their 4-3-1-2, so it’s not easy to play through the middle of the pitch. We wanted to get some dangerous width, Reece and Raheem were that.”

“They were more full-backs in the lateral positions and then midfield players. I thought we got Raheem into some good situations and Reece as well down that side. Mason, too and we scored a good goal. Then they defended well, blocked, and their GK made some good saves.”


“We can improve as well, but like I said, how the boys approached the game, I am really, really happy.”

His style of play actually confused Salzburg as they could not easily understand what formation Chelsea played during the match.

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