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GAME OVER: This Chelsea star may not play again this season following latest development

Chelsea given honest Armando Broja timeline update after horror injury in Aston Villa friendly

Chelsea striker Armando Broja is set to miss the rest of the season with ACL injury he suffered in the 1-0 lose to Aston Villa in their friendly match on Sunday afternoon.

The Blues were 1-0 behind when the striker went down with a tremendous scream after he tried to tackle Aston Villa defender. He was later stretched off the pitch with a real discomfort, leaving the fans wondering if it is a season-long injury.

Evening Standard reporter, Nizaar Kinsella have now confirmed the fearful that the 21-year-old have torn his ACL and will require a surgery which will leave him sideline for the rest of the season.


Injury expert Ben Dinnery while speaking with GiveMeSport, believes the striker suffered a season-ending injury when he was stretchered off the pitch.

Dinnery said: “From that coming together, there’s a really strong chance of ligament damage. Of course, the next steps will be determined by how severe that is and which ligament has caused the problem.

“We’ve seen the way the knee moved and bent, so there could be medial collateral ligament involvement, which is the one on the inside of the knee. But we couldn’t rule out a more serious setback, which would be the ACL.

“If it was the latter and we were talking about a rupture then, unfortunately, he would need to go under the knife and that would potentially be season-ending.”


Speaking to the club’s in-house media team after the game, Chelsea head coach Graham Potter admitted there is big concern over the injury.

He said: “It was an unfortunate action.

“I think he got caught up with their player and the ground. It doesn’t look positive at the moment, but it is too early to say. Fingers crossed, but it is an awkward one.”


We still await for official confirmation on how long Broja will be missing for as he awaits for results from the scans he has taken in the last couple of days. If it is not good, then it could mean Chelsea are forced into the January transfer market for a new centre-forward.