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“An extreme period” – Graham Potter reveals Chelsea January transfer plans

Graham Potter speaks about Chelsea January transfer plans

With Christmas day just passing and the return of Premier League football today on Boxing Day, it can only mean one thing – a transfer window is now just days away!

Whether you love them or hate them, it is hard to avoid the drama of them, and the January winter transfer window is about to open.

We expect Chelsea to be one of the more active clubs this window, with the ambitious new owners still looking to add more players and build a complete squad across the next two windows.


January is notoriously a slower and quieter transfer window than the summer, purely because there is less time to do deals, and clubs aren’t keen to let key players leave halfway through a season.

But Chelsea are already working on deals, and will surely be working on more, and manager Graham Potter has been speaking on the January transfer window, in recent comments relayed by AOL.

He stays coy, but says: “What I would say is that historically the January window isn’t so straightforward to find solutions. From my perspective, there was an extreme period and I would not want to make too many drastic assessments based on that extreme period.


“I think the team, as I see it, has not functioned as maximally as I would like it to and I think it can do. The job of a head coach is to focus on the ones that are here and make them better. There is room for improvement there, for sure.”

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